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International SIM Card vs Domestic SIM Card

International SIM Card vs Domestic SIM Card

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. And the times when one needs them the most are when they are going out. Now while the kind of plans you use might not matter much when the travel is within a state or your country. Things are different when you’re traveling abroad. Using the same SIM card and dealing with the roaming charges could be a hassle.

People are then left with a choice between an international SIM card and a local one. Now while each has its own advantages, this blog tries to go into the depth of these options to figure out which one triumphs over the other. Let’s begin!

International SIM Cards

  • What is an International SIM Card? 

An International SIM card is the same as your ordinary SIM card, with one key difference being that it can be used worldwide. It allows you to switch between domestic and foreign numbers so that neither you nor the people contacting you have to pay anything extra.

  • How does the International SIM card function?

In terms of functionality, it is very different from a local SIM. The international SIM cards work on various networks spread across different geographical locations around the world. It allows the users to connect to these networks without paying exorbitant roaming charges for making or getting calls.

This happens primarily because the carriers have agreements in place with the other carriers across the globe that allow the customers to use the telecommunication networks. This helps the consumer save lots of money and the hassle of keeping a tab on the balance, recharging the number, network troubles, etc.

  • The benefits of owning an international SIM card
  1. Bid adieu to the worries of answering calls when you’re abroad. With maximum countries covered under the international SIM card, you can be free from worry and pay extra just for answering.
  2. One SIM for all: No longer do you have to worry about buying a SIM every time you travel to a new country. One card for all your trouble-free life!
  3. Most international SIM cards are designed to give better coverage and service as they are intended for travel purposes.
  4. Pay a little less: These SIM cards offer plans that give you good value for money. You thus have to pay less for calls, texts, and data compared to using a roaming SIM card.
  • Who should buy an international SIM card?

If you’re someone who likes to travel a lot or has a job that requires you to be on the move continuously. Then an international SIM card makes a whole lot more sense. Even if you’re on a world tour or say traveling on a short-term basis to a place it makes sense to buy an international SIM card.

Local SIM Cards

Local SIM cards don’t really need much introduction. These are SIM cards that cater to a specific region within a country, thus, local SIMS.

This is your physical SIM card, one that you can get from any local store. This is definitely one of the best options abroad as having a local SIM means the best plans at the lowest prices more often than not.

  • Benefits of Local SIM Card
  1. Have your personal local number: This is one of the best reasons why you should own a local SIM card, especially if you’re moving to the place for study or work purposes. Or if you’re relocating for other personal reasons and intend to stay for a longer duration.
  2. No hassles of contract: If your SIM card provider is like CanadianSIM, you never have to worry about contracts. No hassles. No contract. Just value-driven services.
  3. Advantages in other activities: Having a local number can help you fasten and at times even make it easier when it comes to applying for other activities in the area. You also get the best offers that might be there to avail due to events, festivals, etc.
  4. History: The local SIMS have been in use for a long time now, these are time-tested options and have proven their use, too.
  • Who should opt for a local SIM?

A local SIM works best for people who are applying for a college or university or who are moving for work purposes. It also works great for people who are moving for personal reasons and have to stay for long

  • The drawback of local SIM

There is only one issue with purchasing a local SIM. One has to wait to land, then track a local store, apply for the local SIM and wait a while till you can receive it and activate it. This means one has to use the roaming SIM card and causes a lot of hassle in terms of network coverage, money and issues for the family as well, as they might get worried.

BUT wait!

If your SIM card service provider is like CanadianSIM or you’re one of those lucky few who’s moving to Canada of all the places, then you need not look any further or be worried. CanadianSIM offers you the SIM card to your doorstep even before you take off from India. Yes. You can now have your Canadian SIM card even before you land. No contracts. No hassles. The best plans at the most affordable prices. The best part is you can activate it the moment you land. No worries, no tension. To you or your family.


International SIM cards are best for a short-term visit or for people who have to travel a lot to different places- for personal or professional reasons. Local SIM cards, on the other hand, work best for all cases. It is a proven solution and the best option for a cost-friendly, easy, and hassle-free new life.

If you’re visiting Canada or moving for work, personal reasons, or as a student check out the CanadianSIM now. A brand that is loved by its customers and is for its customers. Happy traveling!