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E-SIM: Can it be Better Than the Physical SIM Cards?

E-SIM: Can it be Better Than the Physical SIM Cards?

E-SIM: Can it be Better Than the Physical SIM Cards?

Today, mobile phones have become nothing short of a need. The shift to a digital era has already begun and we are moving at a rapid pace. But mobile phones alone don’t help us stay connected and keep a tab on all the important stuff. SIM cards play a huge role in it. They give each phone its own unique identity.  They help us stay connected with people who are even a thousand miles away and more importantly the data plans help us access the internet.

It was only a short matter of time before something so important started showing signs of upgrade. And that’s what E-SIMS are. The evolution that SIM cards went through is not news to us. From Mini to micro to nano SIM. They have kept getting more and more convenient to use.

The E-SIMS now go even beyond that, with the SIM being already embedded in the phone. Embedded, that’s what the ‘E’ stands for, too, in the E-SIM. This means you no longer have to go for buying the SIM card separately.

Let’s take a look at which Companies have adapted this inbuilt-SIM facility

  1. Apple
  2. Google’s Pixel
  3. Samsung
  4. Huawei
  5. Moto Razr
  6. Even other devices like Apple watches, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Huawei Watch are said to have e-SIMS.

Sounds exciting? 

The answer is both yes and no. Just like any other thing, even E-SIMS has its pros and cons. Let’s have a look and try to understand them better.


  • More Space!

The introduction of E-SIMS means that with more advancements in the future the additional space of the SIM card tray can be saved. This gives room for more technological improvements such as better battery life or optimizing other components of the phone like performance, memory size, graphics or even optimizing the water-proofing part.

  • Information management

The data on the E-SIMS is rewritable. This means that changing networks can be done without the hassles of removing the SIM.

  • Change is easy:

The trouble one has to go through when it comes to changing a network. From ordering a new SIM to waiting for its arrival, the form filling, removing the old SIM, and inserting new ones. It all goes away with E-SIMS. However, one can avoid this by opting for SIM card service providers like CanadianSIM.


  • Switching devices

The biggest drawback of E-SIMS would be not being able to switch devices. One can’t simply remove the existing SIM card and put it on another phone. Plus, many businesses have facilities in place that ensure you get easy, quick, and home delivery of SIM cards, which helps you save time and the extra stress of what happens if the phone gets broken or lost. At such times having a physical SIM card that is easy to use gains the upper hand.

  • Network issues: Harder to find

Suppose one has any issues with the connection in the phone. Till now we could easily remove our SIM, insert it into another device and check if the issue is with the network or phone. However, with e-SIM, this won’t be possible.

  • The plus points are still far away

Though the era of having only an e-SIM looks promising and in coming years solutions to the existing problems would be found. At the moment, these plus points seem like a distant dream. A physical SIM ensures you can just switch the operator, the SIM card, or the phone at any time you want. But with e-SIM being included in your phone, it’s going to be a hurdle for some time at least.

  • Staying incognito

Now, this can be both- a blessing and a curse. With the e-SIM not having an option to be removed one can’t stay off-track. This can be slightly annoying to a user, but a big blessing if your phone ever gets stolen.

In Conclusion

The era of e-SIM has only begun and with time we will see more and more improvements in it. For people who want to move to a new place or new country, a physical SIM card still works better as it doesn’t come with any new and unnecessary hassles. It’s a bit time-consuming but if you use services like CanadianSIM you don’t have to be worried about the drawbacks of a physical SIM. They have a very simple process that gives home delivery of your SIM card even before you leave the country. No contracts. No hassles. No stress. Opting for a SIM card from providers like these helps you get great plans at affordable prices with minimum trouble. CanadianSIM is the best option for people planning to move to Canada. Be it a student or a working professional or even just a short trip to Canada, they are a well-known brand with a service that has satisfied its customer base.