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Got Accepted into Your Dream University in Canada? Here’s What’s Next

Got Accepted into Your Dream University in Canada? Here’s What’s Next

Nothing beats the joy of getting that acceptance letter. All the hard work, dedication, and time put in both by you and all your loved ones bear fruit. Now while the celebrations are in full swing, one might wonder…what next? This blog is multi-purpose. While most might know what comes next, many might still be confused about the process. Also, this works as kind of laying the groundwork for all those out there preparing for one of the biggest tests of their lives. Let’s begin!

Study Permit

Once one gets acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), this is the most important and crucial step. Your study permit lets you study at a school in Canada.

The process has become very streamlined nowadays and one can easily get through it with the help of an agency.

Here are the basic steps one must go through whilst applying for a study permit.

  1. Check if you’re eligible: One needs the acceptance letter for starters. Then they need to show financial proof which indicates you’re capable of supporting yourself when you’re abroad. Apart from that one also needs a valid passport to travel. The other supporting documents are subject to change from area to area.
  2. Let the application process begin: Once you have all the required documents ready- you’re all set. When it comes to applying it’s always better to have an immigration representative look and review the entire document carefully, to avoid unnecessary hassles.
  3. Submit it: Once you’ve verified all the documents and are assured by the representative that all is fine, you can then proceed with the submission. 
  4. Sit back, relax and wait: Now all is done and dusted, you just have to await the results. Once you get your approval, you can now begin preparations for your move to Canada.
  5. Taking Care of the Essentials!

Before we fast forward to the exciting part of Canadian Life, one needs to ensure they have taken care of the essentials well in advance. Here’s a list of the most important points;

  1. Housing: One needs to decide if they want to opt for on-campus or off-campus. If off-campus, one has to have an idea of where they are going to stay, and how far it is from their college/university. Also keep in mind how far the other things like stores, public transport options, etc
  2. Health Insurance: It’s your biggest shield against quick, heavy bills. Your safety net and a must-have in today’s time. Your health insurance ensures you don’t have an extra fear and worry about how you’ll manage in case of an emergency.
  3. Social Insurance Number: A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada. To apply for it you can send an email or visit the Canada Service Office.  
  4. Connect and Socialise: One can always feel overwhelmed by emotions in a new place. Beat the homesickness blues by finding communities or social clubs that align with your interest.
  5. The Last and most important piece: As obvious as it might sound, you must have your Canadian number. In today’s day and age, phones have become a part of our life, everyone’s life. You must have a SIM card and a number to ensure you can stay connected with your new friends and your old ones. Not to mention, the very first thing one can do as soon as they land in Canada is let their loved ones know they have reached safely. One needs a number for that to avoid unnecessarily high costs.

We have a perfect solution to the SIM card crisis but more on that later. Suppose you feel like you need to know a little bit more about these 5 pointers in detail. Check out this blog here.

The solution to the Canadian Number Problem

The best thing one can do is apply for one long before the journey begins. This gives you enough buffer time to receive the card in advance. CanadianSIM specializes in just that. We have uniquely crafted plans just for students and working professionals who have done the Indians proud and are about to embark upon their mission.

The best thing?

You get to make unlimited phone calls anywhere across Canada. Not just that you also get to send messages as well. Unlimited. All this at very reasonable prices. And it doesn’t end there, CanadianSIM loves to make your life easier, after all, you have done so much already. That’s why you get a SIM even before you land- No setup fees. No contract. Easy, simple, and quick!

So, if you have received the great news already, why wait, begin your application process for your SIM card and have it delivered to you before you fly. To learn more about the process and plans or to resolve any queries, simply click here

Congratulations and all the best to your next chapter in Canada!