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Prepaid V/s Postpaid SIM card – Which is Better ?

Prepaid V/s Postpaid SIM card – Which is Better ?

Nowadays, mobile phones are not a choice but a need. They are one of the best inventions of mankind as it helps us stay connected to our loved ones even though we are thousands of miles away. There is a choice, however, when it comes to choosing the SIM service. Different people have different needs and based on that they might choose one of the two- Postpaid and Prepaid. Today’s blog takes a dive into these and tries to give you a general idea of them so that you know which one suits you the best.

Put simply as the names suggest prepaid plans are those where you pay first and avail of the services later, while postpaid plans are where you get the services first and pay for them later. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail to understand better which one suits you more.

Prepaid Phone Plans Canada

Prepaid plans are SIM cards that offer you services like calling, texting, internet, etc once you pay for it. Earlier the plans were more based on top-ups of different amounts and one was charged based on the amount of time they talked or data they used.

Nowadays, those plans still exist, but the preferred ones are mostly the plans which come with a bundle of services and have 28, 56, and 72-day cycles. These offer mostly unlimited calling, texting, and a select range of internet which gets renewed daily.

If you run out of Talktime or data you can simply do a recharge again and the services are resumed. These types of plans are generally great for people who have a regular need for both unlimited phone calls and data. More often than not, these are wasted. Almost all of us have Wi-Fi and if you’re a student or a working professional who doesn’t use phones that much it might seem like a waste of money.

These plans work great for people who like to talk to people or stay connected with their friends most of the time via phone. People who are in a long-distance relationship whether it’s with their family or a loved one might prefer these plans, too.

However, the downside of these plans are, once you end up using the set data limit in a time period, you have to recharge it again. Also, if you don’t end up using it, the money is more or less down the drain.

Benefits of Prepaid plans

  1. Flexibility in terms of using the calling and internet features.
  2. Fewer troubles when it comes to moving to some other prepaid SIM.
  3. Easier to switch because of no tedious contract trouble.

Postpaid Phone Plans Canada

Postpaid plans are plans which are contract-based wherein you have a contract with the provider that you’ll use the services and later pay the said price at the end of the billing cycle. In other words, say for example you just used X amount of data/ call time you don’t pay a penny more than that.

This kind of plan needs a person to have a good credit score as it shows how reliable you can be when it comes to making payments. If you need help with understanding how to build a good credit score, check our recent guide on building a good credit score. These are best for people who are still studying at a university or moving to a new place as a working professional.

The best thing about postpaid plans is that though not everywhere, in some places the mobile providers (who are also the retailers of mobile devices) often let you buy smartphones on credit, too.

The next big benefit is many postpaid plans come with a plethora of other incentives and benefits like free goodies, subscriptions, etc.

The most obvious of all is to pay only what you owe and not an extra dime. Also, do not worry about making payments till the end of the cycle.

ONLY drawback

The only drawback of postpaid plans is that they come with a contract. But wait! What if there was a pay to bypass that, too? NO contract. NO hassle. NO stress. Yes, CanadianSIM offers a postpaid plan that doesn’t need any contracts. Plus, you get unlimited calling and texting around Canada. The best part? If you’re headed out of India to Canada, you don’t even need to worry about looking for the local store, buying it, waiting for it to arrive, and finally activating the SIM. All these are taken care of before you even leave. You get your SIM delivered to you at your home. It gets activated before your take-off. Could there be a better deal?


Postpaid plans and prepaid plans both have their own pros and cons. Prepaid works best for people who have regular use of calling and the internet while the latter works best for students and working professionals who have just moved to a new place. Also, people who stay at home most of the time can do great with postpaid plans. The downside, however, can be the huge hassle of canceling the contracts and stuff. Make your pick based on your use. We hope this blog cleared your doubts a bit.