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How to buy a Canadian SIM card?

How to buy a Canadian SIM card if You’re Moving to Canada from India


Canada is the top choice for Indians for higher studies or work. In fact, according to statistics, Indian-Canadians make up the second largest non-European group after Chinese Canadians. The trend continues in 2022, with a staggering 1,08,000 Indians already accepted by Canada in the first quarter. Shifting to a new place can be challenging. Read our latest blog on essential pointers for people moving to Canada. Speaking of important things, we all need one thing, especially in today’s day and age-our mobile phones. Today’s blog talks specifically about Canada and getting a SIM for students or immigrants moving from India.

What are your options?

Anyone moving to a new place as a student or a working professional can’t rely on a SIM card from their home country. So the only option is to choose an international SIM card or buy a local SIM card.
  • International SIM card
  • An International SIM card is the same as your ordinary SIM card, with one key difference being that it is used worldwide. It allows you to switch between domestic and foreign numbers so that neither you nor the people contacting you have to pay anything extra.
  • Local SIM card
  • It is your physical SIM card, one that you can get from any local store. It is one of the best options abroad to have a local SIM, meaning the best plans are available at the lowest prices more often than not. Local SIM cards don’t need much introduction. These are the SIM cards catering to a specific region within a country, thus local SIM.

    If you wish to read up more and understand which one would suit your need better, read up on our blog around it. We have discussed the pros & cons of both in detail to help clear the air of doubt around them.

  • Buying the SIM card
  • For people planning to be in Canada for a long time, it’s better to go with the option of a local SIM. The question that arises then is the options at hand.
  • Buying the SIM card at an international airport
  • This is not one of the best options for two reasons. One- very few airports have Canadian SIMs. And the other is buying SIM cards at airports is expensive, and their data plans are less.

  • Buying it at a local store
  • This is just like buying a SIM card in India. It is one of the better options, but the only hurdle and a BIG one is having to rely on your Indian number till you get the SIM card. It can be too pricey and lead to unnecessary hassles.
  • Buying it at a convenience store
  • The same issues can be faced here as well, just like shopping in a local store. On top of that, one might even face customer service issues as the convenience store is not in the niche business of just mobile & mobile-related products & services.
  • Buying it online
  • If you wish to avoid the wait time, you could choose to buy the SIM card online from stores like Amazon. But this is not the best option. Wouldn’t it be best to have your Canadian SIM card with you in India itself? And even better to have an activated SIM before you even take off? If you’re finding it a little too good to be true, it’s very much the truth and possible.

    CanadianSIM - Your best option to buy Canadian SIM

    It is a no-brainer why it could be the best option to opt. But here are a few reasons that make it special for you.
  • SIM card delivered to your doorstep
  • Yes, you read right. We deliver the SIM card to you at your doorstep in India.
  • No contract SIM card
  • Yes, we know the contracts can be a hassle. Especially, when one needs to shift to another provider for their reasons. With CanadianSIM you need not worry. We offer you a hassle-free service.
  • No Activation Charges
  • People buying SIM cards from India need not pay any activation charges too. If you decide to buy it in Canada, activation charges will apply.
  • Simple Process
  • Our process is simple. Once we get the contact details and the address to your place of residence in India, we will need your documents for verification. The required documents are:

    1) Your Passport, 2) Your Visa, and 3) Your Study/Offer letter or work permit.

    After the entire process, you book your SIM card with us. We ensure the SIM delivery in three to five working days. Your SIM card is activated 24 hours before you arrive in Canada.

    Your move to Canada is a special moment, and getting a working local SIM when you land could be one of the best things leaving you and your close ones worry-free about how to reach you. We hope these options give you a clearer idea about how you can buy a Canadian SIM if you’re moving from India. CanadianSIM wishes you the best of luck with your new adventure!