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Our Exclusive Plan

Whether you are an international student or newcomer to Canada we are here to provide you with a Canadian SIM card & phone number prior to your departure so that you are connected the moment you land.

Unlimited Canada Wide Calling & International Texting

Enjoy the freedom & peace of mind knowing you can make unlimited calls to anyone in Canada, receive unlimited incoming calls from anywhere in the world & send unlimited text messages globally – so you can text your friends & family, wherever they are, as much as you want!
canadian sim card

No Activation Fees!

That’s right, many Canadian carriers charge between $25-$50 to set up your account, with us it is $0 and there’s more

No Contract Plan

We like to keep things simple. Our plan is a no contract plan which means if you ever decide to switch carriers or cancel, there are no penalties involved. At the same time however, you may keep our amazing plan for as long as you wish.

Canadian Credit Score Builder

Our no contract postpaid plan will help start to build your Canadian credit history from the moment you land. For those looking to settle in Canada a good credit score is one of the main foundations of establishing a strong successful future.

With our CanadianSIM you will get..