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What is an eSIM Card?

An eSIM is a SIM card that is embedded in a mobile device and can connect you to any eSIM-enabled operator. Furthermore, the eSIM functions similarly to a traditional SIM card, but it does not require a physical SIM card to be used. It is actually pre-installed on the device, and you can activate it by installing a new operator’s “eSIM profile.” It is, in fact, an evolution of the physical SIM card. An eSIM card is becoming increasingly common in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

How do I activate my eSIM device?

For New Line

Step 1: Go to or call us to activate a new line and get an eSIM card.

Step 2: You can go to our website and register yourself. Place your order for eSIM and we will deliver it to you. You can directly activate your eSIM after you receive it.

For Existing Line (Transition to an eSIM)

Step 1: Get a new eSIM card from or get in touch with us.

Step 2: Once your eSIM arrives, you will need to change your SIM card number on MyAccount. Visit and follow the instructions under “How to Update your SIM Card” to get your sim card number changed.

Step 3: Follow the device’s setup instructions to complete the setup.

For Hardware Upgrade
If you would like to activate an eSIM as part of a Hardware upgrade, please visit for more information.

Where do I purchase an eSIM card?

You can purchase an eSIM from
Can I activate an eSIM on any device?
Certain devices are only compatible with eSIM activations. Please check the specifications of your device to see if it supports eSIM.
What if I lose my eSIM activated device?
You can purchase a new device and apply for another eSIM card from CanadianSIM.
How do I switch between devices with an already existing eSIM?
To switch devices with an eSIM, you must first purchase a new eSIM or physical SIM card by visiting our website. Once you receive your new eSIM/SIM card, follow the instructions to complete the process.


  • Do I need an active physical SIM on my phone to activate an eSIM?

Compatible Android Smartphones: No, a customer can activate a phone using an eSIM QR code on compatible Android phones running Android 10 and newer.

Compatible iOS Smartphones: At this time, compatible iOS smartphones require a physical SIM card to be activated first in order to provision the device warranty, after which you can switch to eSIM.

  • How do I know which line I’m using at any given time?

Each line is individually labeled to differentiate between numbers. These labels can be customized and may vary depending on the operating system and active carrier.

  • What happens when I receive a call on my secondary line while I’m on a call on my primary line?

Both lines can be connected to the network at all times. While on a call using one line, the other line is on standby. If you receive a call on the other line while on a call using the first line, the incoming call will go to voicemail.

  • If both lines have mobile data, which one can I use and which one will show up on my bill?

Both lines can access mobile data, but only one line can access mobile data at any given time to prevent duplicate charges. Your usage will reflect the line that you have selected to be used as the default at any given time. The default line can be changed in your phone settings.

  • I currently have two mobile lines with CanadianSIM on two phones. Can I transfer one of my phone numbers to an eSIM so that I can have both phone numbers on one phone?

To move one of your phone numbers to an eSIM, please contact our customer support at [email protected] and request an eSIM. Our customer support will help you set up your existing number on an eSIM.

  • How will I be billed for calls and text messages?

Calls and messages are billed according to the wireless plan associated with the line used at any given time. Overage rates may apply if you exceed your allotted data.

  • When traveling, can I use a foreign carrier’s eSIM on my phone?

Yes, if available, customers can use a foreign carrier’s eSIM plan when traveling to countries outside of Canada if the network is compatible with the phone. When you return home, you can switch from your foreign carrier's eSIM to your Canadian SIM’s eSIM.

  • Can I activate an eSIM from another carrier on my phone?

Yes, CanadianSIM customers can activate an eSIM from another carrier on their CanadianSIM eSIM capable phone. The other carrier must support eSIM functionality on the phone. CanadianSIM does not provide support for non-CanadianSIM lines.

  • When I upgrade my phone, how do I transfer the number associated with my eSIM to another phone?

Upon upgrading, request a new eSIM from CanadianSIM customer support at [email protected]

  • Can I delete my eSIM profile?

You can delete your eSIM profile by going to your phone’s network/cellular settings and locating the line (eSIM profile) you want to delete. Quick note: When you delete your eSIM profile, you don’t cancel the line on the network, so you’ll continue to be billed.

  • If I delete my eSIM profile from one phone, can I scan the eSIM QR code again on another phone?

No, once an eSIM profile is deleted from the phone, you can’t scan the same eSIM QR code into another phone. An eSIM QR code can be used and scanned only once. You’ll need to purchase an eSIM QR code from our website or contact our customer support at [email protected]

Note: CanadianSIM is not responsible for loss of carrier service as a result of an eSIM download wipe performed on any non-CanadianSIM eSIM. If your phone’s eSIM line is currently active with a carrier other than CanadianSIM, you are responsible for obtaining and activating a new eSIM card from the carrier. You are responsible for any charges that your carrier may apply for a replacement eSIM card.


Today, mobile phones have become nothing short of a need. The shift to a digital era has already begun and we are moving at a rapid pace. But mobile phones alone don’t help us stay connected and keep a tab on all the important stuff. SIM cards play a huge role in it. They give each phone its own unique identity. They help us stay connected with people who are even a thousand miles away and more importantly the data plans help us access the internet. Read More >>