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Top 4 Factors to consider before buying International SIM Cards | CanadianSIM

Top 4 Factors to consider before buying International SIM Cards | CanadianSIM

It’s exciting to travel abroad, whether for work or education. But it also comes with many responsibilities, such as staying connected with loved ones back home and navigating unfamiliar places. One crucial task to handle before flying is getting an international SIM card. This allows you to easily connect to foreign networks and avoid high roaming fees. CanadianSIM offers a SIM cards with affordable rates and reliable coverage in Canada. With a CanadianSIM card, you can stay connected while abroad and enjoy a stress-free travel experience. Let us help you understand everything about an international SIM card in detail below:

What is an International SIM Card?

An international SIM card, also known as a travel SIM card, provides the ability to switch between domestic and foreign numbers, enabling you and your contacts to avoid costly roaming charges. For frequent travelers, an international SIM card offers a flexible and convenient solution. However, it is important to exercise caution and not simply purchase the first international SIM card you come across when traveling. Instead, it is essential to analyze your specific requirements and carefully evaluate the various options available to identify the ideal card that suits your needs.

Why should you buy an international SIM card?

Traveling overseas can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with its own set of responsibilities, such as staying connected with loved ones and accessing important information.

  • International SIM cards are usually cheaper, providing low rates for data worldwide.
  • They offer more coverage, as they are specifically designed for traveling.
  • Using one SIM card for multiple trips is much more convenient.
  • International SIM cards allow you to make calls or send messages through applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.
  • They can be easily purchased from an airport kiosk or online before your trip.
  • Setting up a new international SIM card takes just a few minutes.
  • They often offer additional benefits, such as language translation services, travel apps, and more.

Who should buy an international SIM card?

An international SIM card is a great option for everybody, especially for those who fall under the following categories:

  • Students going abroad for higher education
  • Long-term overseas travelers
  • Business travelers with frequent trips
  • Fast-paced travelers visiting multiple countries
  • Travelers with a home base who take short trips
How Does an international SIM card work?

An international SIM card is different from a local SIM card, as it:

  • Operates on multiple networks and in various geographical areas globally
  • Is programmed to work on several networks, unlike local SIM cards, which only work on one network
  • Allows you to connect to different networks without being charged for making or receiving calls
  • Makes use of call-back technology to transform outbound calls into inbound ones, thereby reducing expenses for travelers
  • Enables carriers to make bilateral agreements with other carriers beforehand to allow customers to use telecommunications networks across the globe.
Factors to consider before buying International SIM cards.

Phone Compatibility
First things first, check the compatibility of your phone when traveling to Canada. Not all mobile phones work in every country, and in Canada, your phone should support HSPA+ or LTE technology. If it’s a CDMA device or only works on frequencies specific to the USA, it won’t work with a Canadian SIM card. Therefore, it’s important to unlock your device before inserting a new SIM card for a Canadian network.

Incoming Calls
In certain countries like the USA and Canada, incoming calls and text messages may come with additional charges. However, this may not always be the case in other countries. Therefore, it’s important to figure out whether incoming calls in the countries you are visiting are free of cost or chargeable. If incoming calls are chargeable, you can send a message or make a small call to the people and ask them to call you back. This simple hack can help you lower your costs while using your international SIM card.

Hidden Data
It’s important to keep track of your mobile data usage when traveling internationally to avoid unexpected charges. Background apps and automatic updates can consume data without you realizing it, leading to higher costs. Turning off automatic updates and manually monitoring your app usage can help reduce your data consumption and save you money.

Runaway Spending
It is important to note that runaway spending is a factor to consider when using an international SIM card. There are two options available for recharging the SIM card; prepaid or postpaid. While a prepaid card gives you control over data usage, it can become a problem if you have to keep topping it up constantly. A postpaid card, on the other hand, gives you more freedom to make calls, but you need to keep track of your spending closely. Taking these factors into account and doing research before purchasing an international SIM card will help you make an informed decision. If you are looking to buy a new SIM card, you can consider CanadianSIM as an option.