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Top Tips To Achieve Your Canadian Education Dream!

Top Tips To Achieve Your Canadian Education Dream!

ICEF monitor, the leading agency for international higher education institutions, has ranked Canada among the top-3 study destinations in the world. Canada had continued accepting student applications even during the lockdown and continues to relax the travel restrictions for students.

Why canada?

Any student coming into Canada would have to undergo a limited self-isolation period. More importantly they will also be given compensation for the same. The soon to be implemented Canada Emergency Response Benefit will provide international students with $2000 per month. International students will also soon be able to work up to 40 hour for various occupations instead of the previously stipulated 20 hours.

A number of universities have begun a phased reopening of their campus. They are keeping safety directives a top priority and ensuring student safety at every level. A CIC news report stated that 69% of students are desirous to starting their on-campus studies with the new safety protocols in place. This just goes to show that students are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of pursuing their international education in light of the relaxed norms.

How Can You Achieve Your Canadian Education Dream?

Studying in Canada is not rocket science, you just need to be well-prepared and be sound in your research. Here area few tips to help ensure that you go on to live your Canadian education dreams.

Sort Your Finances

An international education can be an investment. Ensuring that you have your fees and living expenses organized can help you move forward quickly with your admission. Make sure that you are keeping a certain amount aside when you travel for exigencies. It is crucial that your plan your finances smartly if you are to not incur unnecessary losses. Make sure you have a full list of fees and prospective expenses from the university beforehand. It is always a good idea to speak with another international student in the university you are planning to enroll to better understand the kind of expenses you may incur. This can help you plan your finances much more effectively.

Pre-Arrange Accommodation

It is never good to land at a strange location with no idea of where you are going to spend the night. This is why you should always find a place to live before you land at the location. Many universities and colleges in Canada have residences reserved for students. Make it a point to ask the college/university representative to share their student-housing options with you. Off-campus accommodations too can be availed.

Get a SIM Card

Landing in Canada without any means of communicating back home can be a scary prospect. More importantly, as soon as you land in Canada, you will need to be quarantined for a stipulated period. To do this you will need to have the ArriveCan app on your phone, a phone which needs to have a Canadian SIM card. It is very important to have your Canadian SIM card in your phone before you board your flight for Canada. You wouldn’t want to be quarantined with no way to reach out to your family, would you?

Keep Your Documents Safe

Be it during your application process, or even when you are on board the flight to Canada, making sure that you have all the documents necessary to prove your status is crucial. Simple things like your passport, copy of your admission letter or a letter from the embassy, could be pivotal in case you are in a sticky situation.

Identify Local Commute Options

When living in Canada as a student you should have your local transport options on top of your mind. Getting from your residence to your university is not the only commute you will be making. Make sure that you have a map of the bus routes around your area of residence and college. It is also a great idea to apply for a driver’s license if your are eligible and have the finances to buy a car. Getting used to a new geography can be challenging and it is important you take the time to study the lay of the land before venturing there.

Let the Dream Begin!

Studying in Canada is all about making sure that you have covered all your bases. Right from identifying the best possible college, to making sure you have a phone plan and phone to keep you connected with all your loved ones, the list is endless.

Just make sure you have your checklist handy and are ticking off all the boxes. An international education is an experience unlike any other, and studying in Canada makes it all the more special.

We, at Canadiansim know how challenging this change can be. This is why we want to make sure you are completely prepared for this incredible experience. Reach out to us to learn more about how you can get a Canadian SIM card before departing for Canada.