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International Students Looking for Jobs in Canada?

International Students Looking for Jobs in Canada?

Every year, a massive number of foreign national students enroll in Canadian universities. Being one of the most immigrant friendly countries and housing some of the top universities in the world, Canada has become an attractive destination for students seeking higher education. Canada sees an influx of about 700,000 international students each year. Studying in this beautiful country is not just about education or getting a degree but it is more about the overall experience for foreign students. From making friends that belong to different cultures to sightseeing and enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty that Canada has to offer, living in this country can definitely be an adventure.

One of the things that most foreign students wish to accomplish while in the country is to garner notable working experience. Earning the best you can while studying to help pay the bills is one thing, but having work experience also looks good on a student’s resume. Besides, practical knowledge improves confidence and helps you immensely when you seek a good job following the completion of studies.

That being said, Canada has always welcomed foreign students and, thus, has some good schemes in place for youngsters who want to work while studying. Students can also work on-campus or find a part-time job that might better suit their needs. However, it is important that the students have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), which is essential for many things like opening a bank account and even seeking a job. This is especially more important if you plan to work off-campus. Besides this, your study permit must include a condition that allows you to work on-campus or off-campus. Students wishing to work should check out all the conditions and eligibility for certain positions.

On-Campus Jobs

A student has many options to find work on-campus of the university they are enrolled in. However, students must have a study permit that lets them work on-campus or off-campus. A student can be hired by the school, a faculty member, a private business that is based within the campus, the library, the hospital and so on. Usually, this permit will require you to work within your campus alone, even if the University has multiple campuses. There are exceptions to this restriction in several cases. For instance, the student’s work may need him or her to have access to a research facility or hospital in a different campus.

In case the student does not have a work permit, the SIN number will be useful. Many institutes allow a person to work on-campus if he or she is a full-time student, even in the absence of work permit. Although many private universities also allow this, most institutes that have this provision are in some way associated with the government.

Off-Campus Jobs

The requirements to work off-campus in Canada are almost similar to that when a student wants to work on-campus. As a full-time student at a university, you can seek a job outside your campus if your study permit allows it. There are also conditions in place in case you are a part-time student that allows you to work off-campus. You might also be able to work away from campus during the time that you are on authorized leave.

A person can also work after graduating by following certain conditions. If a student wishes to work after graduation, he or she must apply for work permit before the study permit expires. A person might also be able to work if he is beginning a new course soon. In these cases, a student is usually allowed to work full-time if he produces the required documents.

While students should understand and conform to all the set regulations to work, it is also the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the student has all the proper documents to start working. This is true for any kind of job, especially if they are applying for off-campus work.

Optimized Jobs Search

With everything being online today, it is no surprise that the internet is the best place to find a job that will meet your requirements. First step for any job search is to build a good resume and cover letter. When you are satisfied it is important to upload your CV on the job portals and keep a tab on job listings. There are portals that are specifically focused on jobs for international students.

Many employers are using social media platforms to list jobs. LinkedIn is a popular platform for businesses and you can find some of the most relevant job listings there.

Whether you are a student seeking work, or want a job after graduation, you will need a good phone plan that will allow you to not miss any opportunities posted online. Having a reliable Canadian SIM card will help the interested employers to contact you easily. This is also essential as most of the time the first interaction is over the phone and making a good impression here will be beneficial.

Canadian SIM offers cards that you can buy even before you take off for Canada. Activated 48-hours prior to your arrival date, you can be equipped with a good phone plan that will help you with all your needs. You can not only apply for the required documents that allow you work in Canada, but also to do your job search with ease. To know more and request your own Canadian SIM card reach out to us here.