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List of Colleges in Alberta for International Students

Colleges in Alberta for International Students

Top Universities & Colleges in Alberta, Canada – Rankings, Courses, Fees

Alberta is a beautiful place known for its prestigious universities, attracting students from all over the world. Some of the top institutions in Alberta include the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and the University of Lethbridge. These universities offer a rich academic environment for international students.

Alberta is home to over 21 universities that offer undergraduate, graduate, and other degree-level programs. The cost of studying in Canada varies depending on the program and the university for international students.

Study in Alberta Highlights

Alberta is an excellent choice for higher education, with 21 universities located in cities like Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge. The tuition fees in Alberta range from INR 4.73 lakh to 60.3 lakh, providing affordable options for students with various budgets. Enjoy the diverse natural beauty and lively urban areas while focusing on your academic journey in Alberta. Below are
Particular Statistics
Total number of Universities in Alberta 21
Study in Alberta 1st Year tuition fees INR 4.73L to 60.3L
Study in Alberta’s popular locations Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge
English language exams required IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ Duolingo
Additional test required GMAT/GRE

Why Choose Alberta for Your Studies?

Alberta stands out as a prime destination for education and career prospects. With renowned institutions like the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta, international students find an enticing academic environment. Moreover, Canada’s overall welcoming culture adds to the appeal. Alberta’s robust job market further enhances its allure for students seeking opportunities. Here, students not only receive a top-notch education but also pave the way for promising career paths.

Top Universities in Alberta for International Students

Here are the top universities in Alberta for international students, along with their world rankings according to QS World Ranking and THE:
Top Universities in  QS Ranking 2024 THE Ranking 2024
University of Calgary    # 182 #201-205
University of Alberta   #111 #118
University of Lethbridge       NA #1201-1500
NorQuest College  
  Northern Alberta Institute of Technology         NA NA
The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology NA NA
Cypress College Bow Valley College NA NA

Top Courses in Alberta for International Students

Alberta’s leading universities provide a wide range of degree, certificate, and diploma courses for international students. The table below highlights the top courses in Alberta along with the number of universities offering them:
Top Courses in Alberta Count of Universities 8
UG Diploma 13
B.E/B.Tech 7
MS 4

Admission Requirements in Alberta For Undergraduate Programs

High School Transcripts: Provide transcripts showing your performance in high school.
Statement of Purpose (SOP): This is crucial for most universities in Alberta, allowing applicants to showcase their academic achievements, talents, and personal background.
Portfolio or Audition (if applicable): Some programs may require a portfolio or audition, especially for creative courses. A well-prepared portfolio can enhance your chances of admission.

English Language Proficiency: Refer to the university’s minimum scores for accepted English exams in the table below:

English Language proficiency 
PTE Academic 
Duolingo English Test 

Postgraduate Requirements:

Letters of Recommendation (LOR): Certain programs may require LORs, but universities in Alberta typically do not accept duplicate letters.
Academic Transcripts and Degrees: Applicants must submit transcripts and degree certificates. For Ph.D. or doctoral programs, a master’s degree and transcripts from all graduate institutions are usually required.
English Language Proficiency Exams: Refer to the table below for accepted English exams by the university:

English Language proficiency 
PTE Academic 
Cambridge English Scale
Duolingo English Test 

Entrance Exams for Graduate Programs 

Graduate school entrance exams vary by program, with the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and GMAT being commonly required. However, specific programs may have different exam preferences.

Entrance Exams Accepted in Alberta Universities

The table below shows the English language proficiency exams accepted by universities in Alberta. It highlights the preferences of 21 universities each for TOEFL and IELTS, showcasing their widespread recognition. Additionally, 17 universities accept PTE, while DUOLINGO is accepted by 12 universities. For graduate-level business courses in Alberta, GRE and GMAT exams are accepted by 3 universities. Check the entrance exams accepted by Alberta universities for international students:
English Language Exam Name Count of Universities
PTE 17

Cost of studying in Alberta, Canada

The cost of studying in Alberta varies across universities, with first-year tuition fees categorized into different brackets. Approximately 16 universities have fees around INR 10 lakh, 21 universities around INR 20 lakh, and another 21 universities around INR 30 lakh. Some universities fall into a slightly higher bracket of INR 40 lakh. This range of options makes Alberta an accessible and accommodating destination for international students pursuing higher education. Below are the costs of studying in Alberta for international students:
1st Year Tuition Fee Count of Universities
INR 10L 16
INR 20L 21
INR 30L 21
INR 40L 21
INR 40+ 2

Cost of Living in Alberta, Canada

The cost of living in Alberta for a single person ranges from 77,000 to 92,000, translated into INR to provide insights into the cost of living in Alberta.
Item Monthly Full Year (Sept. to Aug.)
Accommodation  (Single, off-campus, not shared) CAD800–CAD1,050   (INR 49K – 64.6K) CAD 9,600– CAD12,600 ( INR 59 L-  77L)
Food CAD250 (INR 15.3K) CAD3,000 (INR 1.8L)
Clothing CAD50 (INR 3K) CAD600 (INR 36K)
Miscellaneous* CAD155 (INR 9.5K) CAD1860 (INR 1.1L)
Cost of Living Total CAD1,255–CAD1,505 (INR 77K-  92K) CAD15,060–CAD18,060 (9.27L- 11L)

Top Job Sectors and Economy in Alberta, Canada

In 2022, Alberta’s job market was marked by diverse industries. The top sectors included Wholesale and Retail trade with 14.84% of the workforce, followed by Health care and social assistance at 13.38%. Construction, professional services, and education were also major contributors. This varied employment distribution highlights the diverse nature of Alberta’s job market, contributing to a varied economic scene.
Industry Workers % of total
Wholesale & retail trade 2,855,300 14.44%
Health care & social assistance 2,608,000 13.19%
Professional, scientific & technical services 1,844,000 9.33%
Manufacturing 1,754,900 8.88%
Construction 1,544,300 7.81%
Educational services 1,483,800 7.51%
Fin., ins., real estate, rental & leasing 1,362,900 6.89%
Public administration 1,154,600 5.84%
Accommodation & food services 1,099,000 5.56%
Transportation & Warehousing 1,013,400 5.13
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