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Amid Pandemic, Christmas in Canada Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Amid Pandemic, Christmas in Canada Takes on a Whole New Meaning

2020 has been difficult for all countries and Canada is no different. Although the spread of Covid-19 seemed to be under control, number of cases started increasing once again in September. This is when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cancelled all Thanksgiving celebrations and asked the people to act responsibly during the holiday. Nevertheless, families did have small dinner parties with family and friends, triggering a rise in number of cases. Casual social gatherings are said to be the key cause of increase in cases.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington expects the country’s death toll to reach 16,214 by January 2021. The report also suggests that the number could get significantly higher if the safety mandates are loosened or ignored by the people.

Considering the gravity of the situation, Christmas celebrations and end-of-the-year festivities might not happen as well. Earlier this month, PM Trudeau warned the people that if they do not reduce contact and avoid social gatherings, the cases would rise. He said precautions taken now will determine the kind of Christmas the country will have.

That said, Canadians, like people all over the world, are looking forward to the holiday season as a way to let their hair down. However, in the absence of big parties and Christmas carnivals, people are already seeking creative ways to celebrate the festival and enjoy the holiday season.

Holiday Spirit 2020

Usually, Canada sees Christmas celebrations from mid-December and up until the first week of January, which is the usual duration of the holidays. All provinces have their own events, magical snowfall, carnivals and Santa trains. From parades and snow playgrounds, to skating and hiking, the activities are endless.

Nevertheless, 2020 is obviously going to be different as most of these events are likely to be cancelled amidst the pandemic. This doesn’t mean that there will be any shortage of holiday spirit among people.

With social distancing a necessity, people might have to stick to small gatherings. Small dinner parties in the backyard with a Christmas tree, lights and music will be the norm. Besides this, home décor that lends a cozy and personal feel will be popular for friends and family gatherings. Instead of travelling long distances to visit relatives, people are expected to opt for staycations. Family outings to explore new places or ski and enjoy sleigh rides will be popular.

Christmas 2020 for Foreign Students in Canada

With pandemic nowhere near over, many countries are still imposing strict restrictions on international travel. This does not really help foreign students who have enrolled in the Canadian universities. Not being able to travel to their home countries, especially during the holidays is disheartening. Nevertheless, students and foreign nationals who are stuck in Canada can still have a wonderful holiday and New Year. With people doing their best to celebrate while maintaining social distancing all across the country, students too can have a heartwarming time with their loved ones.

Video calls and virtual parties will be fun way to catch up with friends and family back home. Have long movie nights over the internet and karaoke nights with friends. Playing games, sharing photos and videos and actively exchanging experiences on social media platforms are ways that people can connect with each other.

As for gifting, online shopping and shipping is the way to go. This is a trend all over the country with e-commerce is being seen as a safer and more convenient option. A survey by Canada Post suggests that 48% of Canadian shoppers will largely opt for online shopping. Shopping online is a way to avoid physical stores, thereby limiting contacts. Send a beautiful gift to your loved ones and express your appreciation for their support.

Staying Connected is the Need of the Hour

The pandemic has completely transformed the way people live today. While until last year travelling to different countries was just a flight away, it is not as simple anymore. Instead of going back home, many people living away from their home country, believe it is safer to stay where they are. Similar sentiment is seen among foreign nationals in Canada as well. This is where, staying connected becomes important, even more so during the holiday season.

Considering that the holidays will revolve largely around the internet this year, having good phone plan with enough data becomes essential. Some of the things that one must look for in the phone plan is a secure and reliable connection. Besides offering value for money, the provider should also have tech support staff available in case of any problems.

At Canadian SIM we understand the trials and tribulations that come with being an international student in Canada. Whether you have just landed in Canada or are planning to travel there, we have the best Canadian SIM card and phone plan to help you stay in touch with family and friends. Whether it is calling and texting locally or internationally or streaming your favorite shows and movies on your phone, we have your back. Request your own Canadian SIM card from us here.