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What to Look for When Choosing a Phone Plan in Canada

Cell Phone Plans in Canada – The Ultimate Guide

Finding the right cell phone plan in Canada can be overwhelming, with so many providers and options to choose from. It’s important to consider your usage habits, budget, and needs before making a decision. Whether you’re looking for unlimited data, talk and text, or a pay-as-you-go plan, there are options available to fit your lifestyle. By comparing plans from top providers, you can find the perfect plan that fits your needs and saves you money.

Choosing the perfect phone plan is one of the most important tasks you need to accomplish. When choosing the perfect phone plan for your requirements there is a list of items that you need to check off.

The Canadian cell phone market can be very confusing and overwhelming for someone who is shifting to Canada.There are a number of variables to consider, like BYOD (bring your own device) plan, purchasing your own provider, prepaid plans, monthly rental and contract options.This can get overwhelming for someone who is looking to get the best SIM card in Canada for students.

Many students who travel to Canada have no option other than BYOD, as the option of purchasing a phone on a contract is only available if you get a Canadian credit check.This usually entails requiring a financial history in Canada to complete a credit check making it difficult to find the best student SIM card or phone plan for students in Canada.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions you should definitely consider asking before you choose a phone plan for yourself.

What are the location limitations of this plan?

It is important to understand the coverage that your phone plan provides you. If you are traveling around the country and your phone plan doesn’t cover you, you may stand to incur extra charges. It is very important for you to understand clearly the coverage area your service provider gives you. More importantly, it is just as important for you to make sure that the location you are choosing to live in has ample coverage from your service provider.

Will my phone be on the LTE network?

4G LTE is the most advanced network your phone can be on in Canada. It ensures that you are getting the maximum possible data speed with your phone plan. In a nutshell, having your phone on the LTE network helps you get a superior performance from the plan you are shelling out for. This is also an important consideration when looking for a phone which will work for you in Canada. Your phone needs to be compatible with the LTE network, not having one would mean that you would have to buy a fresh one when you land in Canada.

How much will I be charged if I exceed my monthly data limit?

This is a very important question to be asked from your service provider. Usually most service providers send notifications before your data pack is to expire. When it comes to data, we tend to not be too careful about how we use it. Let’s face it, who looks at the data pack when binging on your favourite show during your daily commute? This is why it becomes very important for you to ensure that you are aware of the charges you will incur if you are to exceed data limits.

If you are going for a pre-paid plan, however, your internet would simply be turned off when the limit is reached. You will need to recharge your phone in order to get it started again.

Does the phone plan come with a contract?

Having a contractual phone plan would usually mean that you are also buying the phone. In this case, the contract will stay in force till the time you pay off the cost of the phone. It is important to note that service providers can charge you to terminate a contract before its due date. The benefits of having a contractual phone plan would be a constant flow of minute and data on your phone, with the charges being levied depending upon your plan and usage every month.

Are international minutes included?

International students studying in Canada usually need to call home pretty frequently. It is important to have a phone plan that gives you a generous amount of international calling minutes. International minutes, if not included in the plan can end up costing you a pretty penny. Which is why this becomes a crucial question to ask from any phone plan that you may be looking at.

Identifying Service Providers

Once you have identified your requirements, asked the right questions, you might feel that you’re ready to select a phone provider. That’s when you will need to face the Canada’s phone provider market. It could be a little tricky navigating it.

There are almost a dozen network providers managed by the big 3 parent corporations. They also have a host of provincial options that could work for you if you are living in a suitable location.

This is where we come in. With us you will never have to face this issue. When you leave the country in pursuit of a life changing education, a Canadian SIM card will be in your phone helping you keep you in touch with your roots.

With our help you will not only be able to acquire a Canadian SIM card in India but can also opt for value for money and exclusive phone plan which can not be acquired in Canada.

We provide international students a simple post-paid phone plan, that doesn’t require you to sign a contract. This also works to help you start building a credit history in Canada – a crucial aspect especially for those looking to settle there. The phone plan also gives 1000 international minutes of calling to India Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Bangladesh, Germany, Italy, Mexico, UK, and Brazil.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can get your Canadian SIM card today.