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Canada - Travel Tips & Costs

Canada – Travel Tips & Costs


Do you love traveling? If yes, we are pretty sure you have a bucket list of places that you wish to cross in your list! Canada is a dream country to travel to for many Indians, be it for studies, work, or leisure purposes. If you ever plan a casual journey to Canada, take a look at our list of tips and overall costs that you would spend.


Being the second largest country in the world, Canada provides a range of weather conditions, adventure sports, and local fall celebrations. Remember these tips for your Canada trip:

Harsh Weather
The critical point to remember is the time of travel. If you are into snow sports and are not bothered by the cold, November to February is the best time! However, you may not enjoy other local activities due to harsh weather conditions. Carry snow shoes, warm clothes, and other cover-ups to protect yourself from the cold. To save budget, try and shop at the local winter market in India. One of the best periods to visit Canada is during the fall, September to November. The locals celebrate wine festivals during the fall with a picturesque view of Canada in the fall season.

Thorough Planning
Without advanced planning, your trip and budget can go haywire in foreign countries. Therefore, get acquainted with local stays, Airbnb, or hotels while booking your stay. Choose a prime location that will give you easy access to the embassy, medical and general stores, sightseeing, etc. If you plan to hike, camp, trek, visit national parks or engage in snow sports, you have to check with the local guides and agencies and get thorough information about the expenses and visits.

Ah, the perks of knowing the local language! Canada has two official languages – French and English. Though people communicate in English, a lot of the population converse in French. If you are fluent in French, it is an added benefit while traveling in Canada. Talk to the locals and understand their culture while making amazing acquaintances and friends.

Travel Insurance and Documents
Before planning the trip, get reliable information on the Visa, travel documents, insurance, and more. Ensure to carry all the necessary documents – passport, visa, IDs, tickets, insurance – keep them safe throughout the trip. Travel insurance covers the expenses for loss, damage, flight delays or cancellations, and travel injuries.

Delicious Canadian Cuisine
Binge on the delicious Canadian dishes during your stay. The famous Poutine, a French Canadian dish is one of its kind. You can also indulge in Bannock, Montreal-style bagels, Peameal bacon, Beavertails, Pouding chomeur, and Caesar cocktails. The dishes are found in all major restaurants and food chains across Canadian provinces.


Canada is a vast country. Calculating a specific budget may be challenging based on the places you visit and the activities you enjoy. If you book a trip through a travel agency, the expenses for a solo traveler will roughly come up to around Rs. 2.3 to 2.5 lakhs or above, including flight fare, stay, and food, for a week (7N/8D). However, with the hostel culture dominating the traveling world, you can opt for cheaper stays at hostels. Airbnb options are available for friends, couples, and families as well.

Cost breakdown per person (the prices mentioned are not specific and are subject to change)

  • Visa charges Rs. 8,000/- to 12,000/-
  • Flight fare: Rs. 85,000/- to 1,00,000/-
  • Local contact number: approximate cost of Rs. 600/- to 700/- plus the application charges on local SIM cards. An additional one day for SIM activation will leave you restless until you get in touch with your close ones back home.
  • Stay

    • Hostels: starting price Rs. 1600/- per dorm bed for a night
    • Hotels/BnBs: starting price Rs. 1500/- per night. The options are vast, and you can find a good, comfortable stay within Rs. 3000/- to 5000/- range.
    • Food: a budget-friendly food amount usually comes up to Rs. 1500/- to 2000/- per day, including all three meals. The luxury meals at a good restaurant can cost up to Rs. 7000/- to 8000/- per day.
    • Leisure activities: the city sightseeing, museum, and harbor visits can be within budget if you opt for local transport and have a local guide. Activities such as rafting, zipline, brewery tours, etc. can start at Rs. 5000/- onwards. The off-road adventures – snow sports, rock-climbing, wildlife activities, private tours, etc., are costly and start at Rs. 12,000/- and above.

    What if one decides to go to Canada for higher studies or work? Spending so much money is not feasible during a long stay in the country. Moreover, one must look for an affordable place to stay for a longer time, to manage the expenses every month. In such cases, one must also possess a local SIM card. SIM cards are costly at airports and apply additional charges for application. To overcome such issues and to make your stay comfortable, CanadianSIM offers SIM cards to those with Study/Work permits and letters in Canada. The SIM is activated before your arrival in Canada and can be used once you land. The postpaid SIM has Canada-wide coverage and unlimited local and international messaging. Settle in Canada without any worries! CanadianSIM keeps you connected to your loved ones, always.


    Travel to Canada hassle-free with the prior trip and budget planning. Enjoy your travel to beautiful landscapes and cities of Canada, with lots of adventure activities. Our few tips and budget planning will help you plan your solo trip and travel with your friends or family in the future. You can also read our blog on Best time to visit Canada and get more insights.