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Be Smart when Buying Cellphone Plans in Canada

Be Smart when Buying Cellphone Plans in Canada

When it comes to cell phone plans, Canada is undoubtedly one of the priciest in the world. According to surveys, Canadian citizens spend anywhere between $75 and $130 every month on cell phone plans. Nevertheless, things seem to be getting better. Telecom companies in Canada have been working on revamping their pricing strategies. They are now offering larger data packs at lower prices.

In 2019 the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission found that between 2016 and 2018 the cellphone plan prices dropped about 28%. It said that an average amount spent by Canadians was $101 for a month.

The prices of the phone plan also depend on where you are in the country. For instance, Halifax, Vancouver, and Toronto are expensive in every category while Montreal, Regina, and Winnipeg offer some of the cheapest plans.

Yes, cell phone plans are costly in Canada and if you have only just moved here from a different country, it can definitely be a bit of a shock. But there are some things you can do to ensure you are not overspending on your phone plans.

Choose Plans Wisely

The first and most important step is to choose the right plan. Narrow down your requirements. Do you want country-wide calling, international calling and texting or do you want minimum calls and texts but a large data pack? Think about this before going through available plans carefully.

Decide if you want a prepaid or postpaid (contract) plan. While prepaid can save you on some costs, you can lose service if you have used up the quota of minutes, messaging or data. There are plans that will continue data service at a lower speed and charge accordingly for it. However, be aware that the data charges after the plan ends are may be really high.

You can also go for a post-paid plan where the service is not cut off and the charge remains the same throughout. Alerts are also available to remind you of how much of your quota is used up.

If you are someone who depends on large data packs, you might actually want to go for an unlimited plan, so as to avoid extra charges when the quota is exceeded.

Look for what they call ‘flanker brands’ or discount offering brands. Meaning, these brands are marketed to attract youngsters by the parent company. Fido owned by Rogers, is one such brand that offers cheaper plans. Sometimes these brands waive off the set-up fee if you are also purchasing a device.

When studying these plans, pay attention to any hidden monthly charges for services like horoscope apps. Make sure that you have all the details of what your plan entails and find the best fit for yourself. Check out zone-specific plans since they are among the cheapest. If you are not leaving your city or county anytime soon, this might be a good fit for you.

If you are a student, chances are that you are eligible for some subsidized plans. Availing these plans will require you to produce not only a valid ID but in some cases credit details as well.

Look out for Discounts & Deals

Telecom companies in Canada usually launch special deals and discounts for foreign students when their terms begin. Keep an eye out for such deals. Weekly deals and those on specific events and occasions are also common and can be a big money-saver.

Don’t miss out on over-the-top offers from the companies. Usually these are restricted to post-paid plans but they are definitely worth looking into. For instance Fido rolls out some pretty interesting perks with their plans every Thursday.

Get a SIM card from Your Home-country

This is another amazing option for people who are moving to Canada. They can buy a SIM for Canada from their own country. This way they can be equipped with a reliable plan when they land in the country.

BYOD plans, or bring your own device plans, are good because they are often cheaper. For someone who has just moved to Canada the first thing you should look for in your phone-plan is a large number of international minutes and texts so as to keep in touch with your family back home. The plan must include a good data pack for all your browsing needs. Having this freedom will give you time to settle without losing touch with your family and still get used to the lifestyle. Ensure that this plan, once over, can be renewed without any hassle. If you wish, you can also have the option to take the time and look for a plan that fits your budget and requirements.

All these expenses might seem scary but thinking strategically will help you take the right decision. Be calculative about the way you use the phone plan. Use your data for just the necessary things and keep a tab of when your quota ends. Ensuring these simple steps will give you a better handle on your monthly spending on your phone-plan while helping you stay in constant communication with family and friends.

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