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Best Universities in Canada for Indian Students

Best Universities in Canada for Indian Students: UG, PG, MBA & Engineering

Canada is home to more than 20 top-ranking universities, making it an attractive destination for students seeking to study abroad. The country offers a wide range of courses to international students, but it’s important to consider the associated costs. Tuition fees for undergraduate programs in Canada typically range from 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs INR per year, while student accommodations can cost between 1.4 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs annually, depending on the chosen accommodation type.

Considering the potential financial burden, many international students seek affordable universities in Canada. To support this, the Canadian government has allocated $147.9 million dollars over the next five years to make education more accessible. There are several inexpensive universities in Canada that charge as low as 4,000 CAD per year for tuition. Some examples include Athabasca University, Dominican University College, and Acadia University. Additionally, financial aid options are available to further reduce the overall expenses.

Top Affordable Universities in Canada for Indian Students

Some of the popular universities in Canada offering programs at an affordable rate are as follows:
University Annual Tuition Fees (INR) Popular Courses
Brandon University 3.9 lakhs Music, Creative Arts, Business & Management, Science
Canadian Mennonite University 7 lakhs Business Administration, Communications & Media
Memorial University of Newfoundland 6.7 lakhs Engineering, Business Administration, Human Resources
Simon Fraser University 18 lakhs Economics, Business Management, Psychology, Social Sciences & Humanities
University of Guelph 20.0 lakhs Agriculture, Veterinary, Humanities, Sciences & Social Sciences
University of Regina 11.9 lakhs Health Studies, Engineering, Philosophy, Media
University of Saskatchewan 11.8 – 15.9 lakhs MBA, Engineering, Finance, CS, Economics
Dalhousie University 8.8 lakhs Research Studies, Sciences, Medicine, Law, Engineering
Laval University 12.9 lakhs Health Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering, Business
University of Prince Edward Island 7.6 lakhs Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Mathematics and Computational Science
Cape Breton University 5.0 lakhs Environmental Science, MBA, Medicine

Cheap Universities in Canada for PG Courses

The following table consists of numerous top universities in Canada offering graduate programs at an affordable rate:


UniversityCheapest ProgramAnnual Tuition Fees (CAD)Annual Tuition Fees (INR)
Memorial University of NewfoundlandMaster of Technology Management | Master of Science in Nursing | Master of Education | Master of Science Computer Science5,20231.47 lakhs
University of Northern British ColumbiaMaster of Business Administration | M.S Computer Science | M.S Psychology | Master of Science in Nursing23,81814.40 lakhs
Simon Fraser UniversityMA in Psychology | MA in Sociology | MSc Health Sciences | MSc Applied and Computational Mathematics6,07636.75 lakhs
Cape Breton UniversityM.Ed Educational Technology0
Nipissing UniversityM.S Mathematics | M.S Kinesiology | M.A History | M.A Sociology9,82959.46 lakhs
The University of British ColumbiaMaster of Education | M.Ed Counselling Psychology | MA Economics9,80959.34 lakhs
University of SaskatchewanM.S Computer Science | M.Eng Mechanical Engineering | M.S Finance | M.A Economics7,59345.93 lakhs
McMaster UniversityM.Eng Entrepreneurship and Innovation Master of Social Work13368 | 113968.08 lakhs | 6.89 lakhs
University of VictoriaMaster of Public Administration | Master of Public Health | Master of Counseling Psychology5280 | 6400 | 61323.19 lakhs | 3.87 lakhs | 3.70 lakhs
University of CalgaryMaster of Management | M.S Civil Engineering | M.S Computer Science12.69 lakhs76.81 lakhs

Cheap Universities in Canada for UG Courses

University Popular Courses Annual Tuition Fees (CAD) Annual Tuition Fees (INR)
Brandon University Bacehlor of Business Administration 9,257.40 56 lakhs
Canadian Mennonite University B.B.A Business Management | B.S Mathematics B.S Biology 15,000 90.75 lakhs
University of Montreal B.A English Studies | B.S Economics 13,782 | 13,850 83.38 lakhs | 83.79 lakhs
University of New Brunswick B.S Chemical Engineering | B.S Software Engineering | B.S Chemistry | B.S Statistics 14,669 88.74 lakhs
University of Victoria B.S Anthropology Bachelor of Commerce 7,585 45.88 lakhs
University of Prince Edward Island B.A Integrated Studies | Bachelor of Computer Science | Bachelor of Science in Nursing 10,870 65.76 lakhs
Saint Mary’s University B.A Economics | B.A English | B.A Psychology | B.S Astrophysics 13,357 80.80 lakhs
Laval University B.A Economics and Politics | B.A Philosophy | B.S Mathematics | B.A Criminology 14,649 88.62 lakhs
Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada
University Annual Tuition Fees (CAD) Annual Tuition Fee (INR)
Memorial University of Newfoundland 5,128 31.02 lakhs
University of Guelph 10,538 63.75 lakhs
University of New Brunswick 13,844 83.75 lakhs
Thompson River University 24,930 15.08 lakhs
University of Northern British Columbia 14,186 85.82 lakhs
University of Sherbrooke 14,667 88.73 lakhs
Laval University 12,984 78.55 lakhs
University of Quebec at Trois Rivieres 13,065 79.04 lakhs
University of Prince Edward Island 17,455 10.56 lakhs
University of Calgary 15,084 91.25 lakhs
Cheap Engineering Universities in Canada
University Annual Tuition Fees (CAD) Annual Tuition Fees (INR)
University of Windsor 24,730 14.96 lakhs
University Of New Brunswick 11,276 68.21 lakhs
Western University 23,136 13.99 lakhs
British Columbia Institute of Technology 15,116 91.45 lakhs
University of Quebec at Montreal 13,500 81.67 lakhs
McMaster University 8,911 53.91 lakhs
University of Victoria 5,198 31.44 lakhs
University of Ottawa 9,173 55.49 lakhs

Canada offers education to students at a significantly lower cost compared to the USA. With increasing job opportunities in Canada, it has become one of the prime locations for studying abroad across a variety of disciplines. With over 621,000 international student enrollments, Canada is an exemplary place offering quality education within an affordable range.

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